Resonance School of Music Woodbury Expansion.

Below is a video of our new space at Resonance School of Music. The space will open to the public on September 1st 2018 just in time for the Fall. Check out our video below.

Check it Out!


We are excited to open back up this Fall in our new space.

Woodbury Expansion Letter to the Resonance Family



Greetings Parents, Students and Friends, 

Resonance is expanding in Woodbury, and as our family grows so too must our home. Like a crab shedding its shell, we grow into a new and beautiful skin. Not to worry, our address has not changed but we are moving to the third floor of the Woodbury Crossings Building. While this is in search of additional space in which to teach, we have found ways to boost our involvement and ability to support art in the community. 

At Resonance our goal is to inspire students on their journey into a world of music, art and expression. Following such ideals, our move extends beyond physical space into an ability to provide a home for an ever-growing artistic environment. With a new recital hall and 5 large studios for lessons and rehearsal space we can provide not only lessons but concerts and events that spotlight artists of all walks of life. This will be an open community space for everything music. Bands will be able to book rehearsal spaces with access to recording and performance equipment readily available for use. On top of all these wonderful attributes and additions, to provide even more of the benefits of music, a Music Therapy practice will also be joining us within these walls. 

While we are all very excited about this under-taking, an endeavor such as this requires some funding. This is where we would like to get our community to help us truly grasp such an opportunity. We are offering a number of ways to get involved that also give back to those who are gracious enough to assist us. First, we have an online school store to fashion one’s self in our shirts, hats, tote bags and more. All purchases from this store go directly to funding our aspirations. Next is our riveting gala. We have planned a Murder-Mystery type party, where guests play roles in an event to solve a murder on Oct 22nd, just in time for the Halloween season. However, tickets are limited to the number of roles we have, so don’t hesitate to get in on the action. Our recital hall will be opening in the fall with a series of concerts and performances, advertisements will open for purchase to be placed within the concert booklets for each show. Lastly, and most straight forward is through open Contributions to the school itself. 

We appreciate all your help and support here at Resonance! 


The Faculty and Administration of Resonance School of Music.

Our Business Partnerships.


We are looking for strategic arts partners to ensure the success of our new studio space. We are very happy to announce our partnership with Warner Pianos and Muzique Creative Arts Therapy for joining us on our next chapter in Woodbury. We will be giving you all a look into these awesome organizations as we approach opening day. Stay tuned to our social media channels.


Corporate Sponsorships


Want to partner with us?

Resonance School of Music is still actively looking for partners to join us with our new space. We are in need of Sponsorships for upcoming performances this Fall and Spring.


How you can help.


1. We are looking for a partner to help us with the naming of the rehearsal and performance space. This sponsor will be able to name the rooms for the next five years. Your business will also be added to every program as a sponsor and the name you pick will be on all tickets, programs and our websites.

For More Information Contact us Phone: (856) 956 -3036 Email: [email protected]


2. You can place an ad in our programs. Your ad will also be seen on our website and other studio publications.



Get in contact with us today about advertising for you company with during a Resonance Concert.

All Prices include our first 30 performances and masterclasses held at Resonance School of Music. Your company will be placed on our site as a sponsor for 1 year.

Parents Students and Patrons of The Arts


How You Can Help.


If you are not a business, but a lover of the arts and want to see this addition to the downtown you can also help. We are fundraising money to help us build a suitable music library for students, visitors, and other artists.


1. We are having a Murder Mystery Dinner Party on October 22nd. You can purchase tickets below.

  • This is a 21 and over event. You can purchase tickets right from our site.  
  • Purchase Tickets 

2. Our Resonance School of Music store is selling apparel.

Resonance School of Music School Store