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To cancel your lesson from a mobile device please use the link below to log in and cancel and already booked appointment. You will need your user name and password. If you are a parent with multiple students you will need a user name and password for each childs account.

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You can use this link to login to your online account with resonance. Please use this login if you are on a Computer. For use on a mobile device please use the login at the top of the page. 

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Need to reschedule? Here students can access their lesson calendar online. Before you cancel, please try to find a make-up lesson time. If you have trouble with online booking please give us a call and if you’re booking for two or more people you must log in under the individual student to see the schedule. This is usually your billing email as the username and the students first name and last initial as the Password. i.e.  username: [email protected]     Password: joes

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Did not catch us to make a payment? No problem! You can now make payments online using our secure student portal. You will also be able to add yourself to our Autopay system if you feel inclined to. For those signing in for the first time, you can use your set password or a Facebook login to complete the transaction. If you’re paying for yourself or one child sign in under you or that child. However, if you are paying for a family to make a payment you will need to sign in as the parent to see your billing statements. A teacher at the school can help you set this up. (856) 956-3036


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Throughout the year Resonance School of Music offers students with oppertunities to perfrom . Clicking this link you can register your children for a recital. It’s easy to do. just follow the steps and all the prompts and you will be able to successfull book a spot for a perfromance or masterclass.


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This short link is for use for online students to drop appropriate coursework to receive credit for classes and share exercises with online music school teachers and advisors. 

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Music For Little Mozarts

Come sing and dance with Musicians Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse in our Music for Little Mozarts series. This course is for ages 4 – 6 and teaches students the basics in music theory and piano playing through the interactive adventures of Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear. Click to Register for this course online.

Studio of Rock

Join the Band! Studio of Rock ensemble courses continue through out the year. Students will learn the history of Rock and Roll from the 1950’s to today, they will also learn how to solo and develop stage presence.  At the end of the semester the band will work together to put on a Rock concert of the music learned during the semester.  Most of all, students will have fun and Rock Out! Click to register for this class online.

Music Theory

You can now register for theory courses online at Resonace School of Music. Each of our theory courses transfer to Resonance Concervatory credit. For more information about our Concervatory Arts programs please feel free to call us or click this link: Concervatory Curriculum. If you would like to register for this course online click the “Register Online” button.

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Studio Gift Cards

Give the gift of music with a studio gift card.
Piano lessons

Studio Gift Cards

Give the gift of music. Know someone interested in learning a musical instrument, we have customizable gift certificates for sale from our online store. You can print them out or even email them to a friend.

Matt’s Music Monday #9

Jessica Allossery - Up in the Blue Here's another artist that was shared with me by one of the parents of the studio. This is Allossery's most recent song which was released just 5 days ago. It's the newest song I have shared so far. Her singing and guitar work are...

Matt’s Music Monday #8

Expand your ear! Graham Central Station - It Ain't No Fun to Me Larry Graham is a name that every bassist in the world must know and every musician should know. After his work with Sly and the Family Stone, he started Graham Central Station which is appropriately...

Matt’s Music Monday #7

Elephant Revival - Hello You Who I really enjoy the opening few seconds of this track as it deceivingly presents itself as a more traditional piece. The track progresses and the character of the song starts to take shape into a folkish, alternative sound. Their music...

Matt’s Music Monday #6

Jake Shimabukuro - In My Life The ukulele is an instrument that is often looked at and thought of as a toy despite it's capability of functioning exactly like many other instruments. It's capable of harmony, melody, and dynamics and also requires practiced techniques...

Matt’s Music Monday #5

Vitamin String Quartet - Royals You may notice I select more instrumental versions of popular songs than original versions. This is because something about a creative or clever arrangement tickles me more. The Vitamin String Quartet has an extensive catalogue of...

Notre Dame School

The whole world looked on today as the cathedral of Notre Dame burned in a violent fire that has destroyed the roof and its 150 year old spire. Notre-Dame de Paris; meaning (“Our Lady of Paris"), also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral or simply Notre-Dame,...

Matt’s Music Monday #4

Herbie Hancock - Cantaloupe Island In celebration of his birthday this past Friday, we start off this week with "Cantaloupe Island". This piece has become a standard in the jazz community and may be heard in academic and professional settings. The piano and bass have...

Matt’s Music Monday #3

Joanna Wang - Wild World We start off this week's playlist with a smooth cover of a classic by Cat Stevens. Half of the time when I'm listening to music it's on an artist radio and songs just play one after another. Every now and then a song catches me and I add that...

Matt’s Music Monday #2

Balkan Beat Box – Bulgarian Chicks The first time I heard this group was through one of my favorite bands, Galactic. I was listening to a live performance and heard this Middle Eastern influenced jam mixed with their funky New Orleans style. I tried to find another...

Matt’s Music Monday #1

Expand your ear! I find it comical when I hear myself saying ‘kids these days’, ‘when I was young’, or ‘I remember when'. Phrases I thought only to be muttered by grumpy, old men and women living in the past. The world is experiencing a rapid growth of technology and...