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Welcome to Your Musical Journey With Us!

Below are the course listings for the certificate in Music Theory and Composition Online Track.

Keeping Track of Your Progress

As you move through the online courses you will need to prove to us that you have finished each module. After each course section you will be given a certificate of course completion. You can save the certificate as a PDF file and post the image to your Resonance School of Music account. This can only be done from a computer, please don’t try to post this on the mobile student pages. 

We ask that you take your time and not rush through the material even if the material is easy at first. Strong foundations are critical to great musicianship.



Step 1 : Theory Courses

Courses should be taken in the order presented.

Completion of this certificate requires you to complete 12 courses in Music Theory and Music History that are designed to take your musical abilities to the next level. Together the courses have about 150 hours of lectures and course work for you to work on. Please take your time and if you have any questions reach out to your Resonance School of Music faculty advisor. 

Step 2 : Instrument Courses

You only need to take one for certificate completion

Step 3 : Portfolio Submission

Portfolio is submitted to your Resonance School of Music Student Portal .

Each portfolio must contain 4 selections of original music. Music may be written by hand or on a notation software such as Finale or Sibelius. 


1. A melody for one instrument with a minimum of 30 measures. 

2. Music for two instruments with a minimum of 30 measures. 

3. An arrangement of a piece of modern music. May be in any genera. 

4. A 20 measure Chorale that shows a knowledge of correct voice leading and compositional techniques. 


Certificates in Music Theory are awarded after the completion of the all aspects of the program. We believe that this certificate is a valid course of study, that holds true to our strong traditions in western music, and as such should be reconized as a goal obtained by ones own merit.