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Piano Lessons

Resonance School of Music offers piano lessons for all ages taught to the RCM guidelines.

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Voice Lessons

Voice lessons in traditional and contemporary styles are available at our Sewell Studio.

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Guitar Lessons

We offer guitar lessons in all styles including classical.

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Drum Lessons

Our drum lessons feature a great mixture of techniques, rudiments and styles.

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String Lessons

String lessons are available at our Sewell Studio.

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Conservatory Music

Pre-college music programs are available for students looking for a career in music.

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Studio of Rock

The Rock Studio at Resonance is an ensemble program where our students work together creating their own rock performances.

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Music For Little Mozarts

Preschool Piano Music Classes for students ages 3-5 years old.

At Resonance School of Music, we encourage our students by inspiring them toward greatness, so that they can imagine their dreams and strive to conquer their goals with each new skill they acquire at the studio.  Do you think you have the dedication to take your music to the next level? Well, come start your musical journey with us today!

Proudly providing music lessons in South Jersey. We are conveniently located in Sewell, NJ close to Mantua, Mullica Hill, Pitman, Washington Township and West Deptford.

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The Practice of Practice (Part 2): The Application

Now the crux of it all, the part where we get our hands dirty. After a long arduous search for the perfect practice space and the tediousness of preparation is in the past we can begin to dig into the music, the sirens’ call to which none can save their triremes from...
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The Practice of Practice (Part 1): The Preparation

You find yourself ready to practice. Instrument at the ready (your voice, a piano, a guitar, etc.) and notes on the verge of cutting through the air with the madness of pure expression and virtuosity. But wait! A problem arises and a wall is placed firmly between your...
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Gregorian Chant: An Integral Part to Music History

Medieval music is the earliest period of music history, ranging from the years c. 500- 1400. Music during this time consisted of liturgical vocal music for the Catholic Church as well as secular vocal and instrumental pieces. One of the main components of liturgical...
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The Benefits from Music to your Health

Music is a truly incredible thing. It can help us express our emotions, remember things with a catchy tune, and can even boost cognitive performance. Music can affect one’s health, as well. It is a relatively new field of study, but a groundbreaking one at...
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How We Use Music

People use music all the time, but never seem to realize the role it plays in their lives. “Use” might seem like a strange word to describe music. After all, we just listen to it, how can one use something that he/she merely listens to? The truth is, no one just...
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Our New Location in Woodbury, N.J.

Yes,  You heard us Correctly!!! Resonance School of Music is excited to announce that we will be opening our second studio location for classes September 11th, 2017 in Woodbury, NJ. We are incredibly excited to be a part of this bustling and artistic city to share our...
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Dear Evan Hansen – Broadway Musical Review

Dear Evan Hansen is this year’s breakthrough Broadway musical. Opening in December 2016, it has been widely acclaimed and continues to gain fans. The musical took home a well-deserved six Tony Awards a couple of weeks ago, including the ones for Best Musical and Best...
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Music and Plant Growth

Did you know that music can affect plant growth? Whether it be positively or negatively, it’s true: music can affect how plants grow. Plants respond to the vibrations that surround them, including the vibrations that music makes. When sound is made, the pressure from...
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Music and Memory for Alzheimers and Dementia

*story from Resonance Employee Beth Pirolli** Music is used frequently in medical situations to restore or maintain one’s health (either mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual). The use of music in cases such as these is called music therapy. My older sister, a...
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Music and Film: Part Two

If you read the last music and film post, you know that music can have an incredible effect on the way we, as audience members, perceive movies and the events that happen in them (although this may happen subliminally). Now think about the composers themselves and...
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